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GIF showing screencapture of Commodore instant file search
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Get instant access to Commodore, across all your Windows PC's.

Instant-search for Windows

Commodore is a tiny, portable app for Windows PC's, that instantly finds and opens any files and folders on your PC.

Search and open instantly

Simply start typing a part of the file- or folder name, and Commodore will show you a list of matching results. Select with the arrow keys or mouse. Press enter or double-click, and the file or folder will open.

Default Commodore app

No need to remember exact file or folder names.

Commodore uses fuzzy search on the full path. Searching for "receipt pdf" finds any PDF files with "receipt" in the name, but also any PDF files stored in folders with "receipt" in their name.

Example of instant search for PDF Parking receipt

Always on top or not

Set Commodore to always be shown on top of other applications. Keep quick access to your data, no matter what application you are working in.

Always on top option for Commodore

Time-saving shortcuts

Right-click a search result and quickly open the file, folder or even parent folder. You can also quickly copy to desktop or to the clipboard.

Right-click menu items on instant search results

Configure search folders

Select what folders Commodore should index for instant search. By default, the search list contains Windows special folders like My Documents, your desktop, start menu and more. In the options, you can add any drive or folder to the search folders list.

Option screen for folder in which to perform instant search

Configure file extensions

You can chose whether Commodore should search for all file extensions known by the PC, or you can select a limited list of extensions that you would like to search. This speeds up searching.

Right-click menu items on instant search results

Show / hide with hotkey

Assign a hotkey of your choosing to quickly show or hide Commodore from the screen. Then your data will always be only a keypress away.

Hotkey option for Commodore


Commodore is a portable app in a single, small .exe file. No installation, no database and no logging of any kind. Can run from USB.

Portable instant search application


  • Instantly search and open all files and folders on your PC.
  • Filter your search by file type, e.g. Powerpoint, Excel etc.
  • Portable and light weight. Can be run from a USB drive.
  • Copy searched files and folders to desktop or clipboard.
  • Hide or show Commodore at any time using a hotkey.
  • Contains no tracking or logging whatsoever.


Get instant access to Commodore, across all your Windows PC's.